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Candy Cubes Complete Kit 12 Kits

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sWhale Spa Valentino Candy Cube™ Complete



  • Candy Cube
  • Conditioning Mask
  • Pedi-Bomb
  • Massage Lotion
  • Pedi Nail File
  • Pedi Buffer
  • Pumice Bar

Step 1: PediBomb™ - Drop a PediBomb™ into a warm foot bath. Enjoy the fragrant fizz as it releases moisturizing oils and natural deodorizer that detoxifies and soothes tired feet.
Step 2: Candy Cube™ - Crush cube into hands. Add a few drops of warm water (lotion or oil, if preferred). Rub firmly into hands to create a paste. Apply onto are of treatment. Rinse with warm water (or moist hot towel) and pat dry. Suggested usage: 1 candy for manicure, 2 candies for pedicure.
Step 3: Conditioning Mask - Apply the clay mask and massage thoroughly to rejuvenate the skin. Or apply a thin layer of the mask then let dry to remove impurities. To remove mask, rinse with warm water or steam towel.
Step 4: Massage Lotion - Apply the lotion liberally to leave skin protected and moisturized.

Disposable pumice, buffer, and file included! Made in USA. Paraben Free. Made with Organic ingredients.

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